Looks at landscape designs and notes the philosophical, cultural, social, and aesthetic considerations underlying gardens throughout the world from the era of ancient Greece to contemporary times The History of

The gold-standard design and documentation reference for students Architectural Graphic Standards, Student Edition condenses key information from the definitive industry reference to provide students with a powerful learning resource. Covering

Accompanying a major exhibition organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (and traveling throughout the world), this exquisitely designed and produced catalog explores the formal aspects of Richard

Forty-seven of the primary texts of contemporary architecture theory, introducing each by detailing the concepts and categories necessary for its understanding and evaluation. Architecture Theory Since 1968 Free PDF Download

How do the spaces in which science is done shape the identity of the scientist andthe self-conception of scientific fields? How do the sciences structure the identity of thearchitect and

Essays explain how fear shapes the contemporary landscape, giving us security systems, gated communities, and semi-public mall and atrium spaces. Architecture of Fear Free PDF Download Download PDF

Encompassing the socio-political, cultural background of the period, this title takes a look at the careers of the Old Masters and many lesser-known artists. The book covers artistic developments across

Contains over four hundred color photographs that chronicle the history of architecture around the world from ancient times through the twentieth century, and includes an introductory essay that looks at

Leon Krier is one of the best-known—and most provocative—architects and urban theoreticians in the world. Until now, however, his ideas have circulated mostly among a professional audience of architects, city

A survey of the main developments in classical architecture from prehistory to the establishment of Constantinople, supplemented by chronological tables of buildings Greek and Roman Architecture Free PDF Download Download

Frank Sear traces the evolution of architecture during the four centuries from the late Republic, when Roman building came of age, to A.D. 330, when Constantine moved the empire’s capital

Looks at prehistoric meeting houses and residences in Palau, the Yap Islands, Pohnpei, Kosrae, and the Mariana islands and discusses how they were made Prehistoric Architecture in Micronesia Free PDF

This antiquarian volume contains a complete manual of the art of angling for roach, with comments on methodology, equipment, tactics, and other information useful to the roach fisherman. Written in

Introduction;Part 1: The Region;Chapter 1.Regional Principles;Chapter 2.The Regional Plan;Chapter 3.Regional Transportation;Part 2: The Neighborhood;Chapter 4.Natural Context;Chapter 5.-Neighborhood Components;Chapter 6.Neighborhood Structure;Part 3: The Street;Chapter 7.Thoroughfare Network;Chapter 8.Thoroughfare Design;Chapter 9.Public Streetscape;Chapter 10.Private