“Tragedy of a doctor, one-eighth negro, who returns to Virginia with his white wife and daughter.” Cf. Hanna, A. Mirror for the nation His Own Country Free PDF Download Download

Eight people become entangled in a web of interpersonal relationships, doomed to become as savage and destructive as the society which oppresses them Another Country Free PDF Download Download PDF

Horse breeding, the cultures of tobacco and bourbon, the forms of architecture, the codes of the hunt, the traditions of gambling and dueling, convivial celebrations, regional foodways–all of these are

#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER “Much more than a blood-and-guts thriller…An insightful, moving, and sensitive look at what the war did to a country, its people, and its enemies.” –

Looks at Sellafield, a radioactive waste processing plant in England, discusses its environmental impact, and examines Britain’s economic history in order to explain its continued operation. Mother Country Free PDF

“Middle class people in a midwestern town.” Cf. Hanna, A. Mirror for the nation. Country Club People Free PDF Download Download PDF

This book reads like a cross between a literary detective novel and a personal conversation with a passionate Shakespeare scholar, unpacking the play that Roth calls the seminal text of