Simple text in a lift-the-flap book teaches that dogs, cats, and fish all need food, water, and a place to live. What Do Pets Need? Free PDF Download Download PDF

An examination of the strange-but-true animal phenomena observed in everyday house pets discusses pets who have crossed incredible distances to find loved ones, pets who have averted car crashes, pets

There’s a hullabaloo happening in Mrs Parata’s back yard! What could it be? Mrs Parata’s son Joe is having a to-do with the old hen and the duck. it doesn’t

Girls will love creating cute creatures using the pom-pom makers and supplies in this kit. Includes three pom-pom makers, yarn, pre-made pom-poms, beads, chenille stems, and felt squares. Consumable. Pom-pom

Explores the darker side of sexual awakening and disenchantment through the travels of a wilderness training school group in the great outdoors of British Columbia Teacher’s Pets Free PDF Download

Valentine Taylor, the daughter of a veterinarian, must save the life of an injured horse, as well as deal with other problems, while helping her father in his clinic. Pets

Sun down, monsters up! It’s always a fun adventure for the Super Monsters at Pitchfork Pines Preschool, where they’re learning to be the best monsters they can be. Super Pals

A small boy imagines all the wild pets he could get, from an enormous bear to a fiery dragon! He decides they’d be so much better than his sister’s boring

Celebrated pet photographer Serena Hodson’s silly, drooly, whimsical, and fun Upside-Down Dogs is sure to bring a smile to every dog lover’s face. Her unique perspective brings these sweet, full